We started BioTrib because nobody lives their life in isolation. Whoever we are, we are connected to somebody, so are our memories, our stories - our history.

It was after losing both of our parents that realised that our family stories had died with them. Knick-knacks and items around the house that had meant so much to our parents were now just things with no stories attached.

We also wanted to keep it simple. Not everybody is a computer genius and to be honest not everybody loves computers. BioTrib is a100% stress free place for people to jot down their own memories and create their own stories for generations to come. We also appreciate that sometimes people would like to keep their stories private or publish their stories in the future; maybe celebrating a special birthday, or anniversary, so we made that all possible.

Maybe you have lost a special person and would like to share their story. With BioTrib you can.

Our background is publishing and professional film making so we also wanted to create a bespoke service where your stories told in your voice, your treasured items and your memories could be recorded for your family and for generations to come.

Or maybe you would like a hard backed book of your story with lots of pictures? Well now you can and what’s more we can even help you write it.

We have tried to keep the costs of creating your story as low as possible, however we do have costs - not least staff, computer storage and servers which allow us to make sure that your memories, pictures and life stories will have an internet presence for many, many years to come.

BioTrib proudly supports Joss Searchlight, a children’s cancer charity very close to our heart. As such the charity is a significant beneficiary of donations and payments made to BioTrib.

BioTrib - we bring your story to life


  • Your stories and memories kept forever,
  • Easy to Use,
  • Select when to publish,
  • Private or public - you choose,
  • Beautiful books of your stories,
  • Help and Support