Whether you are wanting to share your own life story or the story of a special family member Bio Trib has made it simple.

Start writing, add some publish, some music or even some videos. Don't worry you won't need a degree in computer science and you don't have to do it all at once . once you have started, you can come back to it anytime and add more

You can chooseto publish this story whenever you want. even in the future . maybe you'd like to save it until your grandchildren get to acertain age.

We can even turn your stories into a beautiful hard backed book

If you are having dificulty you will have the support of BioTrib. Once you have started we will give you access to our helpline and email support.

We can even help you upload your material . please see Exclusive service page

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  • Your stories and memories kept forever,
  • Easy to Use,
  • Select when to publish,
  • Private or public - you choose,
  • Beautiful books of your stories,
  • Help and Support